Course Description

This first course is designed to gain mastery of the basic skills of visually reading and mechanically brailling alphabetic Unified English Braille using a Classic Perkins brailler. Topics covered include the use of the Perkins Classic Brailler, alphabetic braille and cardinal numbers, Capitals Mode and punctuation, Numeric Mode and basic mathematic concepts. Successful completion of this course will prepare the learner to continue with Unified English Braille -- Level 2.

There are no admission requirements for Level 1.  

*Please note that admission to Western's UEB program does not guarantee a space in Teaching Students who are Blind AQ courses.  Candidates who wish to enroll in the AQ must register HERE.

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Section Title
Unified English Braille - Level 1
Online, self paced
Sep 13, 2021 to Dec 03, 2021
Total Hours
Online Self-paced Learning Activity  
Course Fee non-credit $325.00
Required Textbooks/Course Materials
  • The Unified English Braille Instruction Manual, 2017 (online resource)
  • The Brailled Drills Supplement, 2017 

Note: The above course materials are included with registration fees for Level 1, and will be used for ALL subsequent Braille Levels. They will only be supplied with Level 1. If a copy of these course materials is requested, after Level 1, an additional fee will be applied. Please contact the Aspire Office.

  • Brailled Stories for Practice Reading (Level 1)

Approximately 3 short stories will be mailed to the student. If they have not arrived one week prior to course start, please contact the Aspire Office. These stories must be returned to the instructor with the final exam.

Student will be responsible for providing the following required supplementary items at their own cost. These items will be used for ALL subsequent Braille Levels.

  • Classic Perkins Brailler
    • available from local school boards, special education division
    • available for purchase from the American Printing House for the Blind or E-Bay
    • occasionally available for loan at CNIB
  • Braille Paper (26.5cm x 30.5cm, or as close as possible)
    • available from local CNIB offices
    • available from the local school board
Section Notes

Registration Closes: September 5, 2021

Registration Fee: Non Credit $325 (Registration fee includes a non-refundable processing fee. This fee is applied to refunds issued for course withdrawals, including those for non-eligibility where a transfer to another level cannot be accommodated).

Registration acceptance is dependent upon payment and receipt of fees and fulfillment of eligibility requirements.

Payment: Payment for registration is by credit card online only.

Withdrawals and Refunds:

  • If the drop request is received up to the start day of a course and all supplementary materials are returned to ASPIRE, a full refund will be given minus the $75 non-refundable fee.  If materials are not returned a full refund minus $105 will be given. 
  • If the drop request is received after the course start date and before the 6th day of the scheduled online course, a refund of 70% will be given minus the $75 non-refundable fee.
  • No refunds are given after the 6th day of scheduled online course.