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This course will provide a more advanced consideration of course development utilizing co-operative education methodologies for implementation in schools and to demonstrate the organizational skills involved in initiating and developing a program which requires the cooperation of both school and non- school personnel.


Course normally offered in Summer and Winter sessions.
  1. The Teaching Experience Form, completed and signed by the appropriate supervisory officer, must be mailed or faxed to 519.850.2526 or emailed to aspire@uwo.ca by the supervisory office.  *NOTE: If you previously completed another Part 2 and/or Specialist AQ as listed on your CQR, the Teaching Experience form is not required.
  2. The above documentation must be received by the ASPIRE office prior to the start date of the AQ course.  Failure to submit required documentation may result in your removal from the course.


  1. General Certificate of Qualification and Registration (CQR) indicating successful completion of Co-operative Education Part 1.
    (CQR copy is not required as our office will verify Part 1 completion via the online OCT Public Register.)
  2. Evidence of at least one year (194 days) of successful teaching experience, as certified by an appropriate supervisory officer.  The supervisory officer is the superintendent of the school board (not the principal) or in the case of private schools, the Ministry of Education official assigned to provide supervisory services.  Teaching experience must be completed AFTER initial teacher certification and PRIOR to the first day of the course.
  • If you hold a Transitional Certificate of Qualification and Registration, you cannot enroll in an Additional Qualifications course.
  • Teachers trained outside of Ontario, and wishing to teach in Ontario, must be a fully registered member of the Ontario College of Teachers PRIOR to registration in an AQ.
  • Exceptions to the above are made for trained teachers from other jurisdictions who do not plan to teach in Ontario. Contact aspire@uwo.ca for more information.
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Co-Operative Education Part 2
Jul 02, 2021 to Jul 31, 2021
Online Instructor-led Course  
Course Fee non-credit $675.00
Required Textbooks/Course Materials

Online resources will be used.

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Registration Closes June 21, 2021.